Chemsearch FE offers innovative solutions to keep high-volume facilities functioning at peak performance and helps facility engineers get the most from their maintenance budgets. Chemsearch FE has developed the state of the art BIO-Amp™ and DrainCobra™ Biological Delivery Systems to fulfill the needs of numerous establishments in order to reduce and/or eliminate the accumulation of grease and organic buildup in drain lines and collection systems generated from food production, processing and preparation activities.​

Clean Green Solutions specializes in ONLY green commercial cleaning products.  The Rochester Midland Corporation, established in 1888 introduced their first line of cleaning products in 1986.  The award winning Enviro Care bio-based products are Green Seal and EcoLogo certified and are dispensed via a traditional chemical dispensing unit for just pennies per quart. If you’re looking for a green alternative to a traditional cleaning product, we have it!

EPA's Food Recovery Challenge Food Recovery Challenge asks participants to reduce as much of their food waste as possible – saving money, helping communities, and protecting the environment. The Challenge is part of the EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Program, which reduces the environmental impact of materials through their entire life cycle, including how they are extracted, manufactured, distributed, used, reused, recycled, and disposed. 

EPA WasteWise is a voluntary program designed to help private and public organizations reduce solid waste. By participating in WasteWise, organizations improve their bottom line and the environment. Waste reduction cuts your organization's purchasing and waste disposal costs. The WasteWise Program helps businesses apply sustainable materials management practices to reduce municipal and select industrial wastes. Participating organizations then report their results annually to EPA. ​

Focused Sustainability is a consultant that helps businesses reduce waste and increase recycling. We help with all waste streams, including solid waste, food and other organic waste and liquid waste. Customers can choose either a performance-based fee in which we split the savings; or we could charge a straight fee for our services. 

greenGoat helps building owners fully realize the value of outgoing building materials through reuse or recycling.  Our goal is cost neutral disposal of demolition debris. In addition to reducing costs for our clients, we also benefit the community with low cost lighting, plumbing, and other reclaimed material.  Borrowing from Mayor Menino, “it’s good for the wallet, good for the environment, and good for people.”

Herb’s Disposal picks up organic waste from facilities in Greater Boston, and takes it to composting facilities. 800-500-1439 

Innovative Cost Solutions, LLC is a leading waste management consulting firm that helps businesses reduce their waste disposal and recycling costs.  ICS is not a waste hauler.  We help our clients use their waste and recycling vendors more efficiently.  While we ultimately help our clients increase their bottom lines we can help our clients be more “Green” and environmentally responsible.  Our compensation is performance based so we only get paid if we save you money!

The IVS Ecovim dehydration machine from Integrated Veterans Services, LLC converts organic waste to a dry, stable biomass in less than 24 hours. Six models are available from 66 lbs to 3,300 lbs capacity. The biomass may be mixed with other materials to form compost, feed pigs or in commercial composting. No venting or other additives are required and installation is usually in kitchens. Machines are easy to operate, robust and reliable. Operating cost is less than other options. Contact: Jack Fellman at 603-487-2235.

Save That Stuff, Inc. was founded in 1990 to provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional waste disposal. Our core business is the collection of corrugated cardboard, newspaper, mixed paper, electronics, organics, cans and bottles. Over two thousand clients throughout Massachusetts currently contract with Save That Stuff.  Contact us to schedule a site audit at 617-241-9998 or

Waste Management is the largest environmental solutions provider in North America.  We recognize that the best way to build a stronger company is to listen to what customers want.  That’s why we have invested in developing waste solutions for a changing world.  This includes not just disposal and recycling, but sustainability services that help customers achieve their green goals.  In 2012, WM received accolades from four leading sustainability benchmarking institutions and was designated as one of the world’s most ethical companies by Ethisphere.  WM 800.545.4560.

Xeros is changing the way textiles are cleaned. Using patented polymer bead technology, the Xeros System uses up to 80% less water, 50% less energy and approximately 50% less detergent, while delivering superior cleaning results. Xeros’ recent recognitions: an Edison Awards Bronze Medal; named a top invention by TIME magazine; ‘Best Technological Breakthrough’ in The Climate Week Awards; and listed as a global ‘Green Game Changer’ by Worldwide Fund for Nature. Strategic partnerships include Green Earth Cleaning and BASF.

Waste / Toxics Reduction