EcoGreenHotel conducts green audits of hotel buildings and operations and creates custom plans for properties to develop and implement environmental management systems. EGH supports facilities through the LEED, Energy Star or Green Seal certification process. provides a one- stop venue for green hospitality news and other tools like green hotel checklists, project ideas, and valuable links designed to promote a more sustainable hospitality industry. offers a marketplace for green hotel products.   

Green Promotional Items specializes in eco-friendly promotional products imprinted with you company logo.  Choose from hundreds of items that include biodegradable, recycled, or organic products and eco-friendly apparel as well as corn plastic, solar powered, bamboo, and reusable items.  We work with hotels, spas, schools, corporations, and non-profits who believe in representing their businesses with products that are environmentally responsible. Together we share a common goal of preserving our planet.  

Companies want to communicate sustainability. Customers want to identify products that are healthier and greener. But how can they confidently engage with each other? For more than two decades, Green Seal has made that possible, certifying goods and services that meet the highest standards of environmental quality and performance.  

Marin Strategies specializes in campaign management, media relations and strategic planning for non-profit clients and political clients. Jeremy Marin launched the agency after more than a decade working in politics and environmental causes including some of the biggest names in the environmental movement. Gimmicks come and go, but when you've got a campaign there is only one measure that matters: success. Our clients see placement in national and international media such as the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Reuters, Associated Press, Hartford Courant, NPR affiliates and many others. 

Pineapple Hospitality is the premier distributor of "Green" Hotel Products and Marketing Programs for the Hospitality Industry. We offer a wide selection of products and programs designed to promote sustainability of both the environment and the bottom line.

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