Hotels and Furniture Banks: Working Together to Help the Planet and the Homeless
Opportunities from Reusing and Recycling Hotel Furniture

Mattress Recycling: Market Improvement

Mattress Recycling for Hotels
How Hotels can Recycle Mattresses and other Hard Goods

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Materials
Improving Reuse and Recycling in Hotel Renovations: Reduce Waste & Save Money

Refillable Amenity Dispensers
Branded Amenities & Amenity Fixtures - A Savvy, Sustainable Solution

Pillow Renovation and Sustainability

The Paint Exchange: How to Recycle Latex Paint and Purchase Recycled Paint

Universal Waste
Managing Universal Waste: Tips for Safety and Compliance 


General Principles

Reducing your Hotel's Chemical Footprint: Healthy Products for People and the Planet

Reducing Toxic Chemicals at Your Facility

How to Assure Good IAQ

UV Coil Cleaning: An Innovation that Improves Indoor Air Quality, Saves HVAC Energy and Improves HVAC System Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Tips to Improve Aesthetics, Indoor Air Quality & Profits

Healthy Indoor Air with Energy Savings

Addressing Odor Problems

Tackling VOCs, Smoke, Mold Smell and other Odors with Hydroxyl Generators

Control Mold

Preventing and Safely Treating Mold in Hotels

Allergy-Friendly Rooms

Chemical Exposures as Barriers to Access in Hotels: Clearing the Air and the Way to Improved Access

Making Our World Safer for People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Green Cleaning

The "Dirty-less Secret": Electrically Activated Water

Cleaning and Disinfecting with ElectroChemically Activated Water

Making The Leaders Greener:  Addressing Green Cleaning Products, Minimizing Cross Contamination and Ideas For Guest Engagement

FREE-FLOW Biological Drain Maintenance for Commercial Kitchens
Welcome to Xeros: A Revolution in Laundry Cleaning
Green Laundry; Cleaning with Microfibers
Electrolyzed Water and Why it is Good for You
Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Care, Repair, Installation, and  Restoration of Natural Stone and Terrazzo in Resorts & Hotels


Sanitization and Disinfection in Hotels: Why, When and How

Indoor Plants/Biophilic Design

The Economics of Biophilic Design: Why Designing with Nature in Mind Makes Economic Sense

How Biophilic Design Enhances the Hotel Atmosphere


Welcome to The Moss: Commercial Pools and Spas
The Environmental and Financial Benefits to a Sustainable Water Program

Water Issues and Innovative Water Efficiency Opportunities in Hotels and Restaurants


Restaurants: Communicate Sustainability to Your Guests, Harvest Ideas from Your Staff
Bee-Keeping for Hotels
Have Your Fish, and Eat It, Too: Sustainable Seafood and the Role of the Hospitality Industry  
Sustainability Insights & Opportunities for Innovation
Taranta Restaurant: Going Green
Greening Hotel Restaurants 


Low Emission Vehicles, Policies
What You Need to Know about Eco-Friendly Livery

EV Charging Stations
Offering a Plug: The Benefits of Attracting Electric Vehicles

Green Parking 
Parking Guidance Systems
Parksmart: Sustainable Practices in Parking Structure Management, Programming, Design and Technology

Boston's Expanding Bicycle Program for Visitors and Residents
Why and How Hotels Can Become Bike-Friendly for Staff and Guests
Zagster -- The Newest Green Amenity

Boston Pedicab: Rolling into the Future
Walk/Ride Days: Greener Footprint, Great PR and a Healthier Staff


What do Hotel Guests Want from your Green Program?
TripAdvisor GreenLeaders


The Green Hotel Movement: The Next Five Years
The Langham, Boston: Environmental Sustainability Plus Green Initiatives
Saunders Hotel Group: Genuine Responsibility Program
Seaport Green Initiatives 2017
The Ritz-Carlton Boston: Energy Actions 2017
Taj Boston's Recent Green Initiatives  
Proper LED Selection for Lighting Upgrades; Improving Guestroom Energy Management System Performance 
Courtyard Boston Downtown: Green Initiatives
Seaport Hotel: Green Achievements, Green Resume
Green Initiatives at The Langham, Boston
Eco-Initiatives by the Saunders Hotel Group
Hyatt Regency Boston: Energy Projects Updates
InterContinental Boston's Recent Green Initiatives: Let's Engage
The Millennium Bostonian Green Program: Progress and Plans

The Langham Boston's Plans to Cut Electricity Use by 3.5 Million kWh's
Sheraton Boston: 30/20/20 Sustainability Update
Sustainability at HI-Boston
Saunders Hotel Group’s Green Program
The Fairmont Copley Plaza’s Green Program

Taj Boston: Condensate Recovery Project; Testing a Food Waste Dehydration Machine   InterContinental Boston’s Green Initiatives: Let’s Engage
Sheraton Boston's Path to 30/20/20
Hyatt Regency Boston's Strategy for Reducing Electricity Use by 45%
HI-Boston LEEDs the Way: The Development and Marketing of a Green Hostel    
Omni Parker House: Green Team Initiatives and Accomplishments


Resilient Hotel Guides: How Hotels Can Prepare for Weather and Climate Emergencies
Climate Ready Boston
How Hotels can Prepare for Weather Emergencies

Enhancing Resilience in Boston: A Guide for Large Buildings and Institutions
Restoring Boston Harbor's Oyster Beds: How Hotels Can Participate and Benefit
Disaster Resilience for Hotels


BostonGreenFest: How Hotels Can Benefit
Challenge for Sustainability
Practical Sustainability: Engaging Employees and Customers
Strengthening Your Hotel's Sustainability Program: Tools for Success

index of presentations

The links below will connect you to the presentations. For each category, the presentations are listed from most recent to oldest.
Note: Each presentation is listed once, but many of them could fit in more than one category.


​Multiple Categories

Better Buildings Tools and Resources for Achieving Energy Savings 

2017 MassSave Incentives for Hotels; Success Stories

Engineering Approaches to Reducing Energy and Water Use in Hotels
Operational Tips and Energy Solutions with Strong ROI
Eversource Customer Engagement Platform
Cooling Related Energy Conservation
Sheraton Boston's Path to 30/20/20
Hyatt Regency Boston's Strategy for Reducing Electricity Use by 45%
High Impact Hotel Energy Projects​ 

Reducing Natural Gas Bills in Hotels
Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Hotels

HVAC, Domestic Hot Water
Precise Management of Guest Room Thermal Control 
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation for HVAC and Ice Machines: Improve Fiscal and Physical Health 

ENERGY VALVE 3.0: Solving Low Delta T by Leveraging IoT 

Clean HVAC Coils: A Cost Efficient Solution to a Cleaner Indoor Environment
Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) HVAC Systems: Hotel Applications
Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Program: The Hotel / Lodging Industry
Heat Pump Water Heaters in Hotels - Engineering & Economics
Leveraging Mechanical CHP w/ Natural Gas Engine Driven Chillers
HVAC Energy Savings with Cloud-Based Software
Siemens Demand Flow: A unique and proven energy and operational cost saving application for water-cooled, central chilled water systems
Combined Heat and Power with Natural Gas Engine Driven Heat Pumps
Domestic Hot Water Systems Advances & Concerns in the Hospitality Sector
Free Cooling & Other HVAC Opportunities
Understanding Chiller Plant Optimization
Two Energy-Saving Products: Heat Timer Boiler Controls and Heat Pump Block Heaters
Ventilation Solutions for Hospitality Applications
Upgrading Hotel PTAC Units - When & Why
Power to Profit: Introduction to Combined Heat and Power
InfraRed Heating Solutions for Hotels
Bathroom Ventilation for Hotels: Using Energy Efficient Ventilation to Reduce Operating, Maintenance & Repair Costs
Improved Chilled Water Plant Performance with a New Energy Valve

Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Hotels

Heat Recovery and Transfer (Besides CHP)
Gravity Film Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems: Recover & Re-use Wasted Energy before it is Lost Down the Drain
Bio-Based Phase Change Materials (BioPCMs)
Thermal Storage Solutions with Existing Chillers: Bio-Based Phase Change Materials
EcoThermalFilters: Heat Recovery Technology for Commercial Kitchens
Taj Boston: Condensate Recovery Project; Testing a Food Waste Dehydration Machine

Smart Buildings
Demand Control Ventilation with Improved Sensors: Optimize Air Quality and Achieve Energy Savings 

Building Automation Systems for Hotels and Conference Centers

New Generation of Building HVAC Analytics: ROI in Months, Not Years
The Latest in Intelligent Guest Room Technologies
Set It and Forget It?
How Big Data Analytics Helps Hotels Improve Maintenance and Comfort, and Save Energy

Energy Storage, Reduce Demand Charges, Microgrids
Microgrids: Resilient Hospitality and the New Energy Landscape

Energy Storage Solution - Introduction & Benefits 
Terrawatt Intelligent Demand Response Technology

Saving Electric Motor Energy with Smart Drive Technology
Variable Speed Water Pumps for Hotels
Variable Drive Retrofit for Domestic Water Booster
The Hidden Energy: Electric Motor Savings in Hotels
Motors Used for Refrigeration and HVAC: How to Identify Retrofits with Great ROI’s

Energy Audits
Retro-commissioning Performance Assessments
Hotel Energy Efficiency: Insights from Energy Auditors
Metering & Energy Management Information Systems

Interior Insulation
Hotels: The War on Pipe Insulation

Wireless Lighting Control that Works
Lighting Controls
Desk Lamps, T5s and Smart LED Retrofits for Corridor Fixtures
Improving Hotel Aesthetics and the Bottom Line with Window Shades and Lighting Controls
LED Retrofit Kits for Fluorescent Tubes: Why Change the Entire Fixture When You Can Just Change the Lamp?
Recent and Upcoming Innovations in LED Lighting
New LED Lighting Applications
Advances in Lighting Controls and the Impact of ASHRAE Requirements

Refrigeration Basics for Hotels; Common Efficiency Measures
Hobart Energy Efficiency Program: Saving Water and Energy in the Dishroom
Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation: What's New and Better?
Save Energy with a Dishwasher Heat Exchanger
Warewashing and Energy Savings

Elevators and Escalators
Green Technologies in Elevator and Escalator Design

Swimming Pools
Energy Savings Opportunities in Hospitality Swimming Pools: Pumps and Lights

Building Shell
Refurbishing vs. Replacing Commercial Windows: Why, When and How

The Langham Boston Hotel Window Film Project
A Brief Introduction to Window Film

The Low-Voltage Transformer Opportunity: Reduce Losses by 70-80%

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Procurement Options in Massachusetts
Community Solar Net Metering Credit Program in Massachusetts
Purchasing Renewable Energy to Benefit Your Hotel

Innovative Strategies for Financing Energy and Water Efficiency Projects


Waste Management Principles
Best Practices for Organizing Waste Management Programs

Waste Reduction
Waste Reduction for Hotels: The Best R of the 3 R's

Recycling, General
Global Recycling Industry Developments: What they Mean for Hotels
InterContinental Boston’s Green Initiatives: Let’s Engage
The Hauler's Perspective: What makes the Intercontinental Hotel Recycling Program Work? Cardboard: To Bale or Not to Bale

InterContinental Boston's Community Initiatives, "Work Better Together"

Food Waste
Rescuing Leftover Cuisine
Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions: Fryer Management and Controlling Moisture in Refrigerators
Organics Recycling in Boston

Daily Table: How Food Donations Reduce Waste, Create Jobs and Bring Affordable Nutrition to the Community
Food Waste Diversion One Year after the Ban Took Effect: What Works Best? Where Are We Headed?
How Pulping Systems Can Help Hotel Restaurants Reduce Food Waste and Save Money
Preventing Food Waste in Hospitality
The Compelling Case for Waste Food Dehydration Technology
Improving Sustainability By Recycling Used Cooking Oil

The links above will connect you to the presentations. For each category, the presentations are listed from most recent to oldest.
Note: Each presentation is listed once, but many of them could fit in more than one category.