General Principles
Chemical Footprint Project Assessment Tool Introduced

Comfort Inn Boston/Logan Installs Chemical-Free Electronic Water Treatment System for Cooling Towers & Heat Exchanger
Will Hotel Guests Start Measuring Indoor Air Quality?
Tips for Creating a Healthy Environment for Guests and Staff

Where to Find Toxics in the Hotel
What's in Your Hotel's Hand Soap?

Product Substitution
Healthy Hotel Mattresses
EPA's Safer Choice Label Helps Businesses Provide a Safer Environment
Johnson & Johnson's Commits to Reducing Cancer-Causing Chemicals from their Personal Care Products; Will Others Follow?

Green Cleaning
Study Shows that Long Term Exposure to Cleaning Chemicals Harms Women's Lungs
Chemical Free Cleaning Making Inroads
Alternatives to Bleach and Other Laundry Products

Indoor Plants / Biophilic Design
Green Walls Boost Winter Mood


Chemical-Free Water Treatment Systems Save Money and Improve Safety
Leading Hotel Groups Collaborate to Launch First Standardized Water Measurement Tool for Lodging

Whole World Water: How Hotels Add a Revenue Stream While Helping People Access Clean Water
Hotel Chains’ Energy and Water Use Reduction Goals
New Option for Funding Energy and Water-Saving Projects

Water Conservation Toilet Technology Helps Hotels Conserve Water and Reduce Water Damage
Low-Flow Showerheads: Can You Do Better?

Most Efficient Toilets Use Less than One Gallon Per Flush
Two New Devices Reduce Hot Water Use in Showers
Sheraton Boston's Bills Plunge after Toilet Replacement Project
Toilet Uses Only 0.8 Gallons per Flush
How Many Towels does your Hotel Issue to its Guests?

Two Green and Lucrative Laundry Solutions: Wastewater Recycling and Ozone Laundry
Midtown Hotel Eliminates Hot Water for Laundry
Hotels Laundries Recycle Wastewater, Cut Energy and Water Bills

Innovative Plate Scraping Product Saves Restaurants Water, Energy and Money

Reduce Water Loss in Your Pools and Spas


Green Restaurant Association Distributor Program Helps Users Find Green Equipment, Supplies and Food
GMO's to Get More Attention from Customers
Update on the MA Food Waste Ban
Publicizing Your Restaurant's Use of New England Food

All InterContinental Hotel Restaurants in U.S. and Canada are now Green Certified
New Certification for Healthy Restaurant Menus
Brasserie Jo Pioneers Green Dining in Boston Hotels

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guides for Food
AH&LA Expands its Green Guidelines

Feed the Bees this Fall
Professional Support for Hotel Beehives
Seaport Hotel Serves Beer Made from its Own Honey: Seaport Honey Ginger IPA


InterContinental San Francisco's Travel Tool Helps Guests Find Greenest Ways to Destinations
Seaport Hotel Makes Transportation Greener for Guests and Staff

Electric Vehicles / Charging Stations 
Electric Vehicle Car Share Services
​Electric Vehicle Sales Expected to Rise Rapidly 
Electric Vehicles, Charging Stations Advance; Charging Station Incentives are Rich 
Does It Make Sense to Convert your Hotel Van to a Hybrid? 
The Bright Future of Electric Vehicles and EV Charging Stations 
Advice for Incorporating EV Charging Stations at Hotels 
Is an Electric Van in Your Hotel's Future? 
Do Hotels Charge Customers who use their Electric Car Charging Stations?

Green Parking 
Making Parking Lots Greener, Safer, More Attractive 
You Can Even Green Your Parking Garage 
Hotel Guests Can Rent a Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle, and Plan Greener Trips

Boston Bike Network Plan: 75 Miles in the Next Five Years; Improved Safety
Become an Official Boston Bike-Friendly Organization


Survey: January "Bombogenesis" Storm Stimulates Boston Businesses to Adopt Resilience Measures
Waterfront developers prepare for a sea change


A Pen Can Speak to Your Guests: The Value of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items
Video Conveys Hotel's Commitment to Environment and Wellness
Hotel's Stylish Website Communicates its Environmental Commitment
New Trend: Online Hotel Environmental Reports

A New Kind of Green Certification: Healthy Hotels
TripAdvisor Update: 2,100 Properties Certified; Boston Leads Nation
TripAdvisor Launches GreenLeaders Program; Fourteen Boston and Cambridge Hotels Recognized
Green Key Launches a Meetings Certification

ASTM Publishes Its Accommodations Standards for Environmentally Sustainable Meetings
Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative to be Used in RFP's

Earth Hour, Earth Day
How Hotels Will Celebrate 2016 Earth Hour and Earth Day
Will Your Hotel Celebrate Earth Hour or Earth Day?
InterContinental Boston to Celebrate Earth Hour in Style

Green Program Observations from Rachael Solem, Irving House at Harvard
Sheraton Commander's Recent Green Achievements and Plans
Saunders Hotel Group Publishes Sustainability Report
Fabienne Eliacin of InterContinental Boston is MassRecycle's Recycler of the Year; InterContinental Boston is MassRecycle's Hospitality Business of the Year
Saunders Hotel Group Develops Creative Strategy for Purchasing Greener Products and Services

2014 Climate Action Plan Update for Boston
Final Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) Established
Mayor-Elect Walsh, Other Leaders Tout Energy Efficiency and Flood Preparedness
New Report: Boston's Vulnerability to Climate Change
Waste Bans in Massachusetts: State Hires 9 Auditors, Offers Support for Businesses
MassDEP to Issue Rules Banning Food Waste from Landfills and Incinerators

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Earns LEED Certification
Tax Incentives for 2006 - 2016 Energy Efficiency Projects: Has Your Property Reaped the Benefits?
Green Leasing: An Effective Tenant/Landlord Strategy for Energy Efficiency
Managing by Walking Around--At Night
Who's on Your Green Team?
A Resource for Furnishing Your Property with Sustainable Products
Does Your Hotel have a Sustainable Purchasing Policy? Does it Work Well?
Management Strategies for a Successful Green Program
AH&LA Expands its Green Guidelines
Breaking Down the Barriers to the Success of your Green Program

index of newsletter articles

The links below will connect you to the newsletters in which these articles appear.

Note: Each presentation is listed once, but many of them could fit in more than one category.


Multiple Categories
The Green Hotel Revolution
Governments are Asking Commercial Buildings to become Fossil Fuel Free; How can Hotels Achieve that Standard?

HVAC, Domestic Hot Water
The Value of HVAC and Ductwork Cleaning and Inspection
Mandarin Oriental Boston's Chiller Plant Optimization Project Saves
> $60,000 / Year

Sealing Leaky Ducts Improves Ventilation, Air Quality, Energy Efficiency
Video Shows that Constant Airflow Regulators Work Well
Reduce Airflow through Elevator Vents to Cut Energy Bills
How To Replace Your PTAC Units with No Capital Expense
Combined Heat and Power (CHP): New Utility Policy and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) Make CHP Feasible for Boston Hotels
Comfort Inn in Revere Installs Combined Heat and Power System

Heat Recovery and Transfer (Besides CHP)
Is Your Property Reusing its Waste Heat?
Dishwasher Heat Exchanger Wins the NRA's Kitchen Innovations 2014 Award; Company Offers it ½ Price to First Boston Hotel Customer
Boston Hotels Recover and Reuse Heat from Steam Systems' Condensate

Smart Buildings
Hotel Thermostat Brouhaha
Automated System Optimization Tools: Slash Energy Use, No Capital Expense
Guest Room Occupancy Controls Study

Energy Storage, Reduce Demand Charges, Microgrids
New Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems with Lithium-Ion Batteries Last Longer and Reduce Waste
Electricity Bill Demand Charges to Rise Sharply
Tesla Introduces Batteries for Commercial Businesses, Industry, Homes: What Does it Mean for Hotels?
Onsite Battery Storage is Closer to Reality for Massachusetts Hotels
Coming Soon: Energy Storage Systems that Enable Hotels to Cut Their Bills
Two SF Hotels Cut Electricity Bills by Using Batteries during Peak Hours

EC Motors Make Sense for Hotel Pools
The Langham, Boston Saves $37,000/Year by Installing Variable Frequency Drives on Medium and Small Motors; Similar Opportunities Exist at Most Hotels
Program Offers Variable Frequency Drives for Free in Commercial Buildings; Hotels Benefit by installing them on Motors Large and Small
Variable Speed Drives: Has your Hotel Finished Installing Them?

LEDs Improve Garage and Parking Lot Lighting
Ready for Prime Time: LED Lights Sparkle in Candelabra Lamps
Important New Advances in LED Lighting

Smart Stairwells: ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2010 Code Requires Stairwell Lighting Controls
LED Desk Lamps

Ice Machines: Energy Efficient, Water Efficient and Well Maintained
​Walk-in Coolers and Freezers: How to Save Energy

What's New with Kitchen Ventilation Hood Controls?

Elevators and Escalators
Advances in Elevators Call for a Quicker Replacement Cycle

​Swimming Pools
Energy Star Starts to Certify Pool Pumps

How Many Towels does your Hotel Issue to its Guests?

Plug Load
Reducing Plug Load Electricity is an Often Overlooked Opportunity

Building Shell
Langham Boston Hotel Window Film Case Study Released
Sheraton Commander Addresses Noise and Saves Energy with New Windows
New Development in Window Film Makes it More Appealing 

Is it Time to Replace your Hotel's Transformers?
Does it Make Sense to Replace Transformers Before they Fail?

HEI Hotels and Resorts: Fab Four Energy Buddy Program and Checklists

​Renewable Energy
Community Solar Offers New Opportunity for Hotels
Is it Time to Reconsider Solar Electricity?
Purchasing Solar Panels has become Cheaper and Easier
Element Hotels Now Powered by Renewable Energy
The Colonnade Hotel and Saunders Hotels Now Powered by Wind Energy

Financing / Business
Purchasing Renewable Energy: Advisers Could Help
New Option for Funding Energy and Water-Saving Projects

Hotel Chains’ Energy and Water Use Reduction Goals
Boston Approves Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance for Commercial Buildings


Waste Management, General
Reuse Marketplace Website Helps Businesses Get Rid Of or Find Reusable & Surplus Items
Educate Staff to Cut Home Utility Bills and Recycle--and Gain their Cooperation with your Hotel's Green Program

Waste Reduction
Coffee to Go: The Worst and Best Cups to Use
​What will Replace the Plastic Straw?

Recycling, General
Managing your Waste in a Challenging Market: Reduce Contamination /Get Your Recycling and Trash Loads Accepted
Recycling Signs: Are Yours Attractive and Effective?
These Days, Even Waste Compactors are Smart
What is Your Hotel's Recycling Rate?
Waste Bans in Massachusetts: State Hires 9 Auditors, Offers Support for Businesses
How do Single Stream Recyclables get Sorted at Material Recovery Facilities?
How to Find a Hauler for Almost Any Recyclable Commodity
Recycling Assistance for MA Businesses

Recycling Everyday Items
Plastic Pollution: How Can Hotels Reduce It?
Restaurants are Moving Away from Polystyrene Foam
InterContinental Boston Switches to Reusable Water Bottles
Is Your Cardboard Baler Used to Capacity?

Food Waste
Buying in Bulk [January 3]
​Source Reduction of Food Waste Guidance

Sustainability Through Food Rescue
Westin Boston Waterfront Starts Food Donation Program; Donates 1500 Pounds in First Two Months
Food Waste Solutions: EPA Launches Website Resource Center
InterContinental Boston Cuts its Food Waste--and Reduces its Food Budget
The Lenox Hotel Now Donates Food Regularly to Boston Rescue Mission
Local Food Waste to be Converted to Renewable Energy
Boston College Dining Service Cuts Pre-Consumer Food Waste by 60%
Daily Table Provides Free Pickup of Surplus Food from Hotels
LeanPath Introduces New Food Waste Reduction Product for Restaurants
Marriott Quincy Uses a Smart Biodigester to Dispose of Food Waste
Processing Food Waste: What Do We Now Know about Biodigesters and Dehydrators?
Donating Surplus Food
Bio-Digesters: An Alternative for Reducing Food Waste
Complying with the New Massachusetts Food Waste Disposal Ban
Food Waste Diversion Case Study: The Eliot Hotel's Clio Restaurant and Uni Sashimi Bar
Prevent Food Waste and Cut Your Bills
MassDEP Changes Rules to Spur Increased Use of Organics for Recycling, Composting and Renewable Energy Production
Are you Getting the Best Price for Used Cooking Oil?

InterContinental Boston Donates Lamps to EcoBuilding Bargains; How to Donate Furniture, Appliances, Electronics and Other Goods
Sheraton Boston Lights the Homes of Families Moving Out of Shelters
Sheraton Boston Finds Home for its Used Furniture, Saves Money; IRN Made Arrangements

Modular Mattresses Reduce Costs, Waste and Downtime
Mattress Recycling Vendors

44 Massachusetts Hotels Recycle Their Soap with Clean the World
InterContinental Boston Donates 1,945 Pounds of Soap in 2014
Amenity Dispensers becoming Popular in Boston

How to Recycle and Dispose of Electronics Properly

Leftover Paint: What to Do With It

Universal Waste
Battery Recycling Made Easy

The Green Way to Manage Used Clothing

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Materials
The Greener Way to Buy, Use and Dispose of Carpet
Hotel Achieves 97% Reuse and Recycling Rate for Renovation

The links above will connect you to the newsletters in which these articles appear.

Note: Each presentation is listed once, but many of them could fit in more than one category.