2012 boston energy efficient hotel conference

This event took place on December 6, 2012. The 11 presentations are linked below.

The Bottom Line of Green is Black
    Tedd Saunders, President, EcoLogical Solutions & CSO, Saunders Hotel Group

Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Hotels: Where are the Savings!?
    Sneha Sachar, Program Strategy – Massachusetts, National Grid

Sheraton Boston's Path to 30/20/20: Plan for Cutting Energy by 30% and Water by 20% by 2020
    Jeff Hanulec, Director of Engineering, Sheraton Boston

Hyatt Regency Boston’s Strategy for Reducing Electricity Use by 45%
    Brian Gorski, Director of Engineering, Hyatt Regency Boston

The Hidden Energy: Electric Motor Savings in Hotels
    Michael  Rosenkranz, Energy Solutions Specialist, GEXPRO
    Paul Lynn, Manager, Corporate Energy Marketing Programs, Regal-Beloit Corporation
    Charles Seyfert, Field Sales Engineer, Regal-Beloit Corporation

Improved Chilled Water Plant Performance with a New Energy Valve 
    Dick Hubbell, District Sales Manager, Belimo

The Low-Voltage Transformer Opportunity: Reduce Losses by 70-80%
    Chris Wheeler, Director of Sales and Business Development, PowerSmiths International

Advances in Energy Efficient Lighting for Hotels
    Carlos Alonso Niemeyer, Program Manager - Energy Efficiency Services, NSTAR
    Edward Bartholomew, Commercial Lighting Program Manager, National Grid

High Impact Hotel Energy Projects
    Jesse Stallions, Senior Energy Engineer, Sebesta Blomberg

Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Hotels
    Michael Pace, Senior Energy Engineer, Horizon Energy Services
    Fred McKiernan, Senior Energy Engineer, Horizon Energy Services

Water Issues and Innovative Water Efficiency Opportunities in Hotels and Restaurants
    Dan Cook, President, Conservation Solutions Corporation