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what we do

Boston Green Tourism is a membership organization for Boston area hotels, an organizer of green hospitality workshops across the US, a consultant to hotels and companies that serve hotels, and a support to the Boston Green Ribbon Commission.

1. Boston Green Tourism (BGT) is a membership organization for Boston area hotels.

​We help hotels:

. reduce energy, water and waste - and the associated operating costs
. improve indoor air quality
. choose greener transportation alternatives
. stay current with greener food options
​. attract meeting, corporate, and leisure visitors based on their environmental

​We do this by:

. organizing 8-10 green hotel workshops a year
. publishing a newsletter
. making presentations on How US Hotels Save Money and Attract Business by Going Green
. helping hotels secure utility incentives and tax breaks
. introducing hoteliers to qualified vendors
​. helping hoteliers connect with each other to discuss their successes and challenges​​

BGT member hotels have made remarkable achievements. Some have cut energy and water use by over 40% and achieve recycling rates over 50%. They have been early adopters of new green technology and practices. They have earned over 40 green certifications.

2. BGT organizes green hospitality workshops.

BGT has organized dozens of green hospitality workshops and webinars for hoteliers, environmental professionals and vendors in over 20 states.

3. BGT consults to hotels and green vendors who serve hotels.

BGT consults with hotel managers and green teams. We also make presentations to engineering firms on how to help hotels reduce energy and water use.

4. BGT works with the Boston Green Ribbon Commission.

We assist the Boston Green Ribbon Commission with projects that help the City of Boston achieve its climate change goal.

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our mission

Boston Green Tourism’s mission is to help hotels improve their environmental performance, lower their operating costs and attract more guests.