advancing the green hotel movement

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•    Sustainable Wastewater Solutions for Hotels

•    The Chaffing Fuel Industry: What is Truly Sustainable?

•    Welcome to Xeros: A Revolution in Laundry Cleaning
•    Sanitization and Disinfection in Hotels: Why, When and How
•    How Biophilic Design Enhances the Hotel Atmosphere
​•    Reducing Toxic Chemicals at Your Facility
•    Preventing and Safely Treating Mold in Hotels
•    Making Our World Safer for People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
•    Managing Universal Waste: Tips for Safety and Compliance
•    Green Laundry; Cleaning with Microfibers
•    Electrolyzed Water and Why it is Good for You
•    Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Care, Repair, Installation, and  Restoration of Natural Stone and Terrazzo in Resorts & Hotels


•    The Environmental and Financial Benefits to a Sustainable Water Program
•    Water Issues and Innovative Water Efficiency Opportunities in Hotels and Restaurants


•    Have Your Fish, and Eat It, Too: Sustainable Seafood and the Role of the Hospitality Industry  
•    Sustainability Insights & Opportunities for Innovation
•    Taranta Restaurant: Going Green
•    Greening Hotel Restaurants 

•    Why and How Hotels Can Become Bike-Friendly for Staff and Guests
•    Boston Pedicab: Rolling into the Future
•    Walk/Ride Days: Greener Footprint, Great PR and a Healthier Staff    
•    Zagster -- The Newest Green Amenity
•    What You Need to Know about Eco-Friendly Livery


•    What do Hotel Guests Want from your Green Program?
•    TripAdvisor GreenLeaders        


•    InterContinental Boston's Recent Green Initiatives: Let's Engage
•    The Millennium Bostonian Green Program: Progress and Plans

•    The Langham Boston's Plans to Cut Electricity Use by 3.5 Million kWh's
•    Sheraton Boston: 30/20/20 Sustainability Update
•    Sustainability at HI-Boston
•    Saunders Hotel Group’s Green Program
•    The Fairmont Copley Plaza’s Green Program
​•    Taj Boston: Condensate Recovery Project; Testing a Food Waste Dehydration Machine           
•    InterContinental Boston’s Green Initiatives: Let’s Engage
•    Sheraton Boston's Path to 30/20/20
•    Hyatt Regency Boston's Strategy for Reducing Electricity Use by 45%
•    HI-Boston LEEDs the Way: The Development and Marketing of a Green Hostel    
•    Omni Parker House: Green Team Initiatives and Accomplishments
•    Strengthening Your Hotel’s Sustainability Program: Tools for Success


•    Restoring Boston Harbor's Oyster Beds: How Hotels Can Participate and Benefit
•    Disaster Resilience for Hotels
•    Challenge for Sustainability
•    Practical Sustainability: Engaging Employees and Customers
​•    Strengthening Your Hotel’s Sustainability Program: Tools for Success


​•    Ventilation Solutions for Hospitality Applications
•    Hotels: The War on Pipe Insulation

•    2015 Mass Save Incentives for Hotels; Success Stories

•    Terrawatt Intelligent Demand Response Technology

•    Set It and Forget It?      
​•    The Langham Boston Hotel Window Film Project
•    Upgrading Hotel PTAC Units - When & Why
•    Save Energy with a Dishwasher Heat Exchanger
•    Purchasing Renewable Energy to Benefit Your Hotel
•    How Big Data Analytics Helps Hotels Improve Maintenance and Comfort and Save Energy
•    Recent and Upcoming Innovations in LED Lighting
•    EcoThermal Filters: Heat Recovery Technology for Commercial Kitchens
•    MassSave Incentives 2014
•    Power to Profit: Introduction to Combined Heat and Power
•    Variable Drive Retrofit for Domestic Water Booster
•    Advanced Conservation Strategies for Hotels
•   Innovative Strategies for Financing Energy and Water Efficiency Projects 
•    Energy Savings Opportunities in Hospitality Swimming Pools: Pumps and Lights  
•    New LED Lighting Applications
•    A Brief Introduction to Window Film 
•    InfraRed Heating Solutions for Hotels
•    Bathroom Ventilation for Hotels: Using Energy Efficient Ventilation to Reduce Operating, Maintenance & Repair Costs
•    Taj Boston: Condensate Recovery Project; Testing a Food Waste Dehydration Machine        
•    Cooling Related Energy Conservation              
•    Staying a Step Ahead: How Hotels Can Discover the Latest Energy and Water Efficient Technologies
•    Advances in Lighting Controls and the Impact of ASHRAE Requirements
•  Metering & Energy Management Information Systems
•    2013 Mass Save Program Incentives
•    High Efficiency Filters for Hotels: Save Energy and Labor, Improve Air Quality 
•    Sheraton Boston's Path to 30/20/20
•    Hyatt Regency Boston's Strategy for Reducing Electricity Use by 45%
•    The Hidden Energy: Electric Motor Savings in Hotels
•    Improved Chilled Water Plant Performance with a New Energy Valve 
•    The Low-Voltage Transformer Opportunity: Reduce Losses by 70-80% 
•    Advances in Energy Efficient Lighting for Hotels
​•    High Impact Hotel Energy Projects
•    Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Hotels
•    Water Issues and Innovative Water Efficiency Opportunities in Hotels and Restaurants
•    Benefits and Opportunities in Energy Efficiency
•    Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Hotels
•    The Bottom Line of Green Is Black
•    Green Technologies in Elevator and Escalator Design
•    Using Procurement On-Bill Financing to Help Execute Your Energy Plan
•    Reducing Natural Gas Bills in Hotels
•    City of Boston’s Green Ribbon Commission: Its Implications for Hotels
•    Schneider Electric: The Global Specialist in Energy Management; My Energy University; Energy Solutions for Hotels  
•   Motors Used for Refrigeration and HVAC: How to Identify Retrofits with Great ROI’s
•    Warewashing and Energy Savings
•    NSTAR’s Stairwell Lighting Promotion for 2012
​•    The MassSave Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency Investments in 2012


•    Hotels and Furniture Banks: Working Together to Help the Planet and the Homeless
•    Opportunities from Reusing and Recycling Hotel Furniture
•    Best Practices for Organizing Waste Management Programs
•    How Pulping Systems Can Help Hotel Restaurants Reduce Food Waste and Save Money
•    Pillow Renovation and Sustainability              
•    Taj Boston: Condensate Recovery Project; Testing a Food Waste Dehydration Machine 
•    Preventing Food Waste in Hospitality              
•    The Compelling Case for Waste Food Dehydration Technology 
​•    InterContinental Boston’s Green Initiatives: Let’s Engage
•    The Haulers Perspective: What makes the Intercontinental Hotel Recycling Program Work? Cardboard: To Bale or Not to Bale
•    Improving Sustainability By Recycling Used Cooking Oil
​•    How Hotels can Recycle Mattresses and other Hard Goods